Uma Thurman shocked the audience with plastic face
13 february 2015, 10:23 2235 views
Hollywood actress Uma Thurman was criticized for "unrecognizable" face.
GPS-monitoring to exclude "fake" routes and long waiting at bus stops
13 february 2015, 09:50 1348 views
Today GPS-enabled device installed on 1378 buses operating on 125 routes, bus fleets of "Toshshahartranshizmat."
Girl from Uzbekistan rescued two drowning children in Saratov
12 february 2015, 18:03 1265 views
A native of Uzbekistan, a ten-year Alfiya Tojiboyeva, now living in Engels, Saratov region, risking life pulled from the icy waters of two children.
Accepting applications for the X National Award "Oltin Qalam" began
12 february 2015, 13:11 1711 views
Launched an international competition X National Award for Journalism "Oltin Qalam" ("Golden Pen").
Shoes «Made in Italy» will be produced in Uzbekistan
11 february 2015, 17:38 2047 views
Italian producers will open the production of Italian fashion shoes in Uzbekistan under the trademark "Made in Italy".
Uzbekistan took seventh place in the world on gold mining
11 february 2015, 13:02 2053 views
According to preliminary estimates of the US Geological Survey, in Uzbekistan 102 tons of gold were produced last year.
The images of Chevrolet Spark of new generation appeared in the network
10 february 2015, 09:28 2794 views portal with reference to the Korean edition Bobaedream published the first images of the compact Chevrolet Spark of new generation.
Uzbek road workers shared experience with their Chinese counterparts
09 february 2015, 15:41 3360 views
A group of representatives of various enterprises in Uzbekistan, members of the State Joint Stock Company "Uzavtoyul" visited the city of Shanghai (China) to exchange experience with their Chinese counterparts.  
A resident of Kashkadarya invented a "robbery" to conceal embezzlement from her husband
09 february 2015, 12:26 1336 views
23-year-old resident of Yakkabag district of Kashkadarya region appealed to the police with a statement about the robbery.
A device treating spinal injuries was developed by scientists from Uzbekistan
06 february 2015, 17:04 1216 views
This device will help in the treatment of spinal injury with weak bone structure.
25 year old citizen of Bukhara robbed a mini market
06 february 2015, 14:06 3251 views
The young man, who lives in Bukhara, decided to rob a grocery store, because he had nothing to do.
Women squatters captured the rooms in hostel of Bukhara
06 february 2015, 11:04 1447 views
In Bukhara, Alpomish street three women illegally occupied the empty rooms in the hostel.
Woman from Mirzo Ulugbek district lost her husband
05 february 2015, 18:26 1366 views
A resident of Mirzo Ulugbek district of Tashkent appealed to the police station with a statement about the loss of her husband.
Fruits and vegetables of Uzbekistan presented at the international fair «Fruit Logistica – 2015»
05 february 2015, 17:06 1752 views
International Fair «Fruit Logistica - 2015" opened in the exhibition complex «Messe Berlin» in Berlin.
One of the largest museums of Uzbekistan moves to new building
05 february 2015, 12:28 1733 views
State Art Museum of Karakalpakstan named after Igor Savitsky is preparing to "move" in two new buildings.
Microchips for pets in Uzbekistan will be installed
03 february 2015, 16:19 962 views
In capital held a conference devoted to electronic identification and registration of animals, according to Uzbekistan Today.
In the coming days forecasters predict warming up to +15
03 february 2015, 14:42 1611 views
According to the “Uzgidromettsentr” forecast, in the next two days in the country is expected warming and partly cloudy weather.
A pedestrian was knocked down and dead near Yakkasaray police department
03 february 2015, 13:18 1201 views
In the group "Tashkent Drivers" was reported fatal accidents near Yakkasaray police station in Tashkent.
Tashkent hosted a meeting of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan
28 january 2015, 17:18 1674 views
Tashkent hosted a meeting of the Board of Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, according to the National Information Agency of Uzbekistan. It was attended by members of the Senate, Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, chairpersons of women's committees of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city, representatives of ministries and departments, public organizations.
NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" opens up new international destinations
28 january 2015, 15:29 2055 views
The national airlines "Uzbekistan Airways" on April 2015 plans to open new directions from the International logistics center at the airport "Navoi" (IILC "Navoi"), reports