Retro cars in Tashkent (Photos)
21 april 2015, 10:42 2572 views
On April 19, a large number of vintage cars gathered near the park ‘Furkat’ in Tashkent, reports.
The State testing center to test professional teachers
20 april 2015, 13:04 1151 views
The State testing center under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan begins the next stage of attestation of pedagogical workers, reports IA UzReport.  
Tashkent to hold X International Specialized Exhibition Apteka Expo Central Asia 2015
09 april 2015, 15:08 2020 views
In the capital, under the Medical Forum "Healthcare Week in Uzbekistan - TIHE 2015" will be held X International Specialized Exhibition Apteka Expo Central Asia 2015, reports website
Islam Karimov approved the program of the celebration on May 9 in Uzbekistan
08 april 2015, 15:27 2013 views
The Head of State approved the program for preparing and holding events dedicated to the memory and honor day - 9 May. They will be held under the motto "Jasorat, Burch, matonat" ("Feat, duty, resistance").
Veterans made a tour in Tashkent by double-deckers
08 april 2015, 12:29 1460 views
War and labor veterans residing in the Republican boarding house were organized a tour in the capital on the double-decker buses.
Alisher Usmanov gave an interview to the Uzbek television (video)
06 april 2015, 09:31 1350 views
President of the International Fencing Federation in the framework of the Tashkent World Fencing Championship among cadets and juniors talked about the level at which the event organized and about the prospects of fencing in Uzbekistan
The oldest woman in Uzbekistan Tuti Yusupova dies aged 135
01 april 2015, 15:42 2718 views
March 27, the most famous long-liver of Uzbekistan Tuti Yusupova passes away at the age of 135.
A two-storey house partially collapsed in Namangan region
30 march 2015, 15:00 1306 views
In the town of Chust in Namangan region, March 29, in the morning there was a partial collapse of the residential two-storey house.
Tashkent hosts international exhibitions of the food industry and agriculture
26 march 2015, 12:29 1111 views
Yesterday, two international exhibitions of food industry and agriculture of Uzbekistan - WorldFood Uzbekistan 2015 and 2015 AgroWorld Uzbekistan opened at the National Exhibition Complex "Uzexpocentre".
For the first time domestic wine supplied in the US market
24 march 2015, 13:17 1024 views
In March this year the company "Uzvinprom-holding" made its first deliveries of domestic wines and spirits to the United States.
More than 18 million people participated in hasher
19 march 2015, 13:17 1016 views
More than 18 million of our compatriots participated in the nationwide charitable hashar held in Uzbekistan on 14-15 March.
Uzbek doctors to master lymphoma treatment with stem cells
19 march 2015, 09:20 1466 views
Russian doctors are planning to expand the scope of autologous transplantation of stem cell technology, using it will now treat lymphoma.
Uzbekistan improves tourism infrastructure
16 march 2015, 12:12 1327 views
Target lists for construction and reconstruction of sanitary units (WC) under standard projects have been approved in Uzbekistan, reports press service of "Uzbektourism".
Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Muhammad Yusuf dies aged 63
10 march 2015, 23:21 3822 views
The famous Muslim scholar and Mufti was 63 years old.
Islam Karimov gave the order to improve social infrastructure of Gulistan
10 march 2015, 09:22 2485 views
On the development of programs to further improve the drainage system, improving reclamation state and decreasing the groundwater level, the development of engineering and communication and social infrastructure of Gulistan in the years 2015-2019.
Islam Karimov adressed festive greetings to women of Uzbekistan
09 march 2015, 09:21 1730 views
The head of the state adressed festive greetings to women of Uzbekistan with 8 March.
The UN reported on socio-economic development of Uzbekistan
02 march 2015, 15:00 2103 views
In the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York as an official document of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly circulated in six official languages the newsletter about the results of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan in 2014 and key priorities of economic program for 2015.
Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement for the Hajj 2015 season
02 march 2015, 09:14 2700 views
As previously reported, the delegation of Uzbekistan headed by the chairman of the Committee on Religious Affairs O.Yusupov, at the invitation of the Ministry of Hajj of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), on February 17-24 paid an official visit to Saudi Arabia.
US Customs discovered the stolen painting by Picasso
27 february 2015, 15:52 1277 views
The work of an artist of genius was sent by ordinary parcel valued at $37.
The first private Internet channel to launch in early spring
27 february 2015, 14:53 1415 views
Internet TV «Sevimli» channel will start in the mode of technical broadcasting in early March.