New kind of tourism industry is planning to be developed in Tashkent region
26 november 2014, 11:15 1482 views
In Tashkent region the works on creating new touristic routes are continuing.
A double murder out of jealousy happened in Tashkent
25 november 2014, 14:34 2330 views
In one of the apartments on the 8 quarter in Chilanzar district 2 bodies of girls were found killed.  
A bus with passengers involved in an accident in Tashkent
25 november 2014, 12:31 1708 views
At the crossroads near the music school named after Uspenskiy the bus with passengers wasb involved in an accident.
In 2018 a new gas processing plant will be launched
24 november 2014, 15:44 1592 views
Primarily, GPP Kandim should be put into operation before 1 July 2018.
HIV-infected under-age people get the right to benefits
24 november 2014, 14:40 1082 views
In Uzbekistan HIV-infected people who have not attained the age of 18 will now receive benefits from the state.
United Nations Population Fund joins to conference in Uzbekistan
21 november 2014, 13:09 1232 views
UNFA holds ICPD Beyond 2014 conference with national partners, launches its Global State of the World Population Report
Parliament of Uzbekistan will adopt the law on the protection of children from harmful information
20 november 2014, 17:39 1250 views
On November 19 the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis discussed the draft law "On protection of children from information harmful effects on their physical and spiritual development" at the regular meeting.
The exhibition "The press of Uzbekistan" was held in Tashkent
20 november 2014, 14:33 1038 views
The IV National Forum and Exhibition "Press Uzbekistan" in Tashkent.
Rector of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy dismissed
19 november 2014, 17:25 1433 views
Nodir Jumayev was relieved of the post of the rector of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED), according to the Foreign Ministry's page on Facebook.
The reason for the frequent blackouts in Tashkent is the inclusion of air conditioners
19 november 2014, 14:41 1085 views
"Uzbekenergo" outlined the reasons for regular blackouts in Tashkent.
Programming contest was held in TUIT
19 november 2014, 12:51 1460 views
In Tashkent University of Information Technologies Quarterfinal competitions of Middle Asia sub-region of command Student World Programming Championship ACM ICPC was held.
Rare species of marmot may disappear in Chatkal reserve
19 november 2014, 11:46 1846 views
Steady decline of endemic fauna of Western Tien Shan – Menzbir marmot listed in the Red Book of the Republic is recorded in many mountain areas.
Smuggler tried to bring to Uzbekistan ancient coins disguised as buttons
18 november 2014, 14:19 1754 views
Uzbek customs officers prevented an attempt of smuggling of ancient coins.
Russia’s MTS stops court proceedings with Uzbekistan
18 november 2014, 12:43 7 views
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes ceased arbitration at the joint request of the parties.
Passenger of the train Tashkent-Moscow tried to smuggle currency
18 november 2014, 11:33 2073 views
Customs officers detained a woman who tried to smuggle 12 thousand dollars.
Ecologist from Uzbekistan will be awarded the prestigious prize
17 november 2014, 14:30 1209 views
On 17 November at the opening ceremony in Tashkent trade and economic mission of Austrian companies, Irina Bekmirzaeva will receive a prestigious award in the field of ecology 
Felling trees in Tashkent continues
17 november 2014, 13:25 1416 views
The group of "Public control" regular reports on cutting down trees in the city.
Children of Uzbekistan held charity plastic surgeries
17 november 2014, 11:18 2155 views
Doctors from Singapore jointly with Uzbek colleagues conducted charitable operations for children with congenital anomalies of the maxillofacial region.
The center on supporting young entrepreneurs opened in Tashkent
17 november 2014, 10:21 1019 views
A consulting center on supporting and legal assistance to young entrepreneurs began its work in Tashkent.
Alisher Usmanov’s wife: I always knew he was super
17 november 2014, 09:16 1502 views
Irina Viner, president of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, gave an interview to Hello magazine, where she described her work and told about her beloved husband Alisher Usmanov.