What is being constructed today in Tashkent?
16 august 2013, 22:27 1934 views


In the center of the capital the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after A.Navoiy is at present being reconstructed, like two other important buildings which are situated not far from the theatre. In the place of old factory building soon we will see complex of buildings of –AC“Uzavtosanoat”, one of the locomotives of national economy and new educational building of the Westminster University in Tashkent which, as we know is now actively developing and becoming a leading one in the country. Moreover, two months ago just near the University a new park for children was opened. The territory of five hectares  behind the chimes is rather briskly – children of different ages and their parents, “Pravda Vostoka” reports.

By the way lately a new aqua park in Sergeli district has welcomed its first visitors. It has presented a colorful view which certainly was very admiring. For the inhabitants of the southern area of the city, this year, after the reconstruction, another Park - "Yangi Sergeli" will be opened. Similar event will take place in Yalangach district-  there the former park “Zafar Diyor”, currently “Lokomotiv” is being renovated.

If to cross the road from chimes through the square we will see another construction of five-star hotel of international level, which will work under the world-known brand “the Hyatt Regency”. Not only guests will be accommodated with comfort, but also international conferences as well as other important events will be held here. The initiative of this project was the head of the government whose ideas play a great role in the transformation of the city.

Walking under the green tent of trees to the former trade fair in the Navoi street we can see that new residential buildings  sparkle in the sun and young trees stretch along them up. They were ready and given for operation only six months ago, and apartments, the first floors where offices, shops and cafes are situated already seething with life. If you go around the house, you can see a 14-stored tower of the Academy of Public Administration under the President. One of the prestigious Russian educational institutions is also being reconstructed. And just near the last skyscraper, at the intersection of Navoi and Furkat streets, an underground passage is being built. Motorists, however, are pleased with another change in this area, it was decided to re-open all  sides of the tunnel under the Khadra square, which will greatly facilitate the movement towards the Old town.

This ancient part of Tashkent, to which the attention of the authority of the country has always been high, continues to change. We turn to the famous dekhkans market "Eski Juva" and see that all the ugly counters of fruit and vegetable sellers around the main pavilion under a huge turquoise dome have been removed. The adjacent territory will also be renovated with new asphalt, already blackens Sakichsimon street which goes into Farabi street, which is close to the campus of the "Yoshlik". It  also becomes younger before the our eyes  - there is a modernization of the main buildings of universities of the country - the National and the Tashkent State Technical University, as well as the capital's Medical Academy.

A qualitative renewal of the roadway was already appreciated by the inhabitants in many parts of the city. For example, the repair of one of the major highways in Khamza district –the Elbek street, which connects the center of the array Aircraft has been a notable event. More than 50 thousand square meters of roads will be fixed during the ongoing two-month work of improvement and neatness, which is organized in the capital in the run-up to the 22nd anniversary of independence. It is planned to asphalt roads in the blocks a hundred meetings of citizens-participants of the program "Exemplary mahalla"

And it is just to the point that the month program on improving the service of  passengers in public transport is going on. Before the holiday Tashkent has already received three dozen local minibuses "Isuzu", ahead the delivery of the next consignment and hundreds of German "низкопольников" Mercedes Benz Conecto. By the way, in may on the road of the capital was tested first Uzbek low-floored bus SamAuto LE 6.0 with a capacity of 1.5 times more passengers than the "Isuzu".

For the coming holiday Tashkent streets, squares and parks are becoming more and more beautiful – they are being decorated with flags and slogans, which will give the citizens of the capital a joyful mood.  Mustaqillik square, Afrasiyab, Rashidov and Amir Timur avenues will have a special beauty. National Park of Uzbekistan is having a through preparation for an important day, there we can see rehearsals for the main celebration, as for the other places they will be available for the street festivities. Shortly speaking today one can feel the blow of the wind of changes nearly in every part of the country. This, in its turn, brings positive changes to various spheres of our lives. And it is not an exaggeration to say that the whole city is awaiting of a great holiday.