We Bow to the Ground, Dear Teachers!
03 october 2013, 10:19 1280 views

altThe great future and prosperity of the Motherland and her standing in the international community are largely contingent on the level of personal development among the younger generation. It is hard to overestimate the role of teachers and mentors in furthering this responsible goal.

A great attention is being paid in our country under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to nurturing the growing generation as comprehensively advanced personalities, to providing all-round support and stimulus to the work of tutors and instructors. The announcement of October 1 as the Day of Teachers and Mentors proposed by the head of our state, to be celebrated widely as a national holiday, became a bright manifestation of a tremendous respect and veneration by the people toward the hard and rather responsible labor of educators.

To this end, on September 30, leaders and specialists of the education sector, outstanding teachers and mentors across Uzbekistan laid wreath to the Monument of Independence and Humanism, a symbol of our freedom, the bright future and noble aspirations. They familiarized with the Marifat Markazi Complex and the Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan built in the capital city during independence years at the initiative of the head of our state.

On the same day, they gathered at the Turkiston Palace for a ceremonial event occasioned to the Day of Teachers and Mentors.

Senators, members of the lower house of parliament, heads of various ministries and other government agencies, social organizations, veterans of education sector, best teachers and instructors, spirituality promoters and mahalla activists were invited to the festive meeting.

Kh.Sultanov, State Adviser to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, read out the holiday greeting of President Islam Karimov addressed to teachers and instructors of the entire country.

Starting from the very first days of independence, the cardinal transformation of the education sphere became a priority dimension of state policy in our nation. Adopted at the initiative of the head of our state, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education” and the National Program for Training Specialists, the State Nationwide Program of the Development of School Education, the State Program for the Consolidation of Economic and Technical Capacities of Children’s Music and Arts Schools and Further Improvement of Their Activities in 2009-2014 have served as an important factor in nurturing the youth commanding independent thinking, a high spiritual-ethical qualities and in training highly qualified specialists.

Practically all general schools in our country have undergone cardinal reconstruction and overhaul, and dozens of new education institutions have been erected. In addition, wide-ranging efforts have been in progress to boost the economic and technical capacities of pre-school institutions, specialized boarding schools, the Barkamol Avlod children’s centers, children’s and youths’ sports schools, music and arts schools, institutes for retraining and raising the qualification of pedagogical cadres and to bolster their effective activities.

Particular significance is being attached to uplifting the qualification and mastery of pedagogues, to creating all necessary conditions and opportunities for their effective activities and to providing comprehensive stimuli for their work. This has been finding its reflection in the activities of more than 410,650 teachers laboring in the system of public education. Owing to the support for the work of educators, 3,465 teachers and mentors have been rewarded in the past years with high titles, orders and medals of our Motherland, including the title of the Hero of Uzbekistan.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan signed on 27 September 2013, a group of teachers and instructors were granted high awards of the native land.

Also, a constant focus of attention has been placed on issues relating to drawing young cadres to schools and making an effective use of their academic and creative potential. Notably, 7,065 young specialists have started their pedagogical activities in the current year at general schools.

As a result of consistent measures designed to stimulate the labor of educators, the average salary of teachers has gone up nine-fold in comparison to that of 1 September 2006, to reach 867,276 soums as of 1 September 2013.

The presidential resolution “On Measures to Further Refine the System of Learning Foreign Languages” signed 10 December 2012 has served as an important guide for action in boosting the number of young pedagogues teaching foreign languages and elevating the knowledge level of pupils.
The document creates the best possible conditions and opportunities for training the younger generation in foreign languages with the use of cutting-edge pedagogical and information-communication technologies, for further development of the system of training specialists with a perfect command of foreign languages, and for the consolidation of international cooperation on this front. Jointly with the Uzbek State University of World Languages, a diversity of projects are being implemented across all the regions of the country to retrain and raise the knowledge and proficiency of school teachers of English, German and French. In particular, what has been analyzed is a need in educators of foreign languages in the 2013-2014 academic year and measures have been taken to raise the existing teaching load up to 1.5 wage rate and train teachers of foreign languages owing to the retraining of teachers and employment of university graduates.

The learning sets “Kid’s English” in teaching English, “Deutsch macht spab” in teaching German, “Hirondelle” in French have been created this year and included in the gift kits of the President to first-graders that comprise education accessories in 12 titles and school bag. These presidential presents were awarded to 528,972 first-graders across the nation.

As part of the State Program “The Year of Wellbeing and Prosperity”, public oversight has been reinforced over the education and upbringing process, while public councils have been established at all schools within the framework of the cooperation scheme “family-mahalla-education institution”. This facilitates a constant scrutiny of the quality of education and upbringing process, a greater interest and strives among pupils for knowledge, a complete coverage of general school graduates with the next phase of education.

The nationwide traditional review contest “The Teacher of the Year” held by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan serves to discover initiative-driven, pro-active and selfless pedagogues and the popularization of their advanced expertise. Diplomas and prizes were awarded to winners of this year’s review contest.

“We are grateful to President Islam Karimov for the tremendous attention to teachers,” says Turgun Azlarov, teacher of mathematics and information technologies at the general school no.40 of Shaykhontohur district in the city of Tashkent, the Hero of Uzbekistan. “The created extensive conditions, privileges and opportunities that have attracted global recognition, as well as the immense significance attached to the education of youngsters urge us to have an even greater, more responsible attitude to nurturing the growing generation – the future of our nation, to live up to the high confidence in us and be worth of the high title of teacher.”

The director of the Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater, the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Mahmud Ismailov, director of the general school no.5 of Gurlan district of Khorezm region, the Hero of Uzbekistan Anora Mahmudova, consultant of the chairman of the Soguni citizens’ assembly in Tashkent’s Uchtepa district for religious enlightenment and spiritual-ethical education Muattar Eshmuhamedova who spoke at the occasion expressed gratitude to President Islam Karimov for the remarkable attention and care for educators, for the reverence and stimuli to their activities.

The official part of the event was followed by a festive concert by masters of arts and young performers.

The official ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.Sobirov, Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan D.Tashmuhamedova, Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoev.