Watch out! The manhole is open!
28 august 2013, 15:29 1240 views

altPeriodically various accidents related with open manholes occur on the roads. One of them has happened to one of the drivers in Tashkent. The driver has reported that recently, during a  night ride on the street "Yangi Kuyluk" he ran over the open manhole, damaging the wheel. Yet, there were no any warning signs and barriers on the road.

To prevent such an unpleasant situation, the residents of nearby houses fill up the hatch with tree branches or cover it by small concrete slab. According to the rules the well must have cast-iron cover.

Who should I contact if I find an open manhole?

 There are a number of organizations ("Suvokava" and district management "Teploenergo") serving the hatches in every city.

Today, urban services on the open hatch inform residents. When reporting the open hatch (with a particular address), experts will identify where the object is located, and send experts to explore.

In practice, organizations react quickly to calls and close the open hatch.

Dangerous "black holes" are found on the roads and streets. And it must be remembered that for the theft of cast iron covers criminal penalties are imposed.