Uzbekistan Develops a Program to Combat the Spread of HIV - Infection till 2017
18 november 2013, 16:03 982 views


According to Atabekov, the program is under development, but it is already clear that it would be a logical continuation of a implemented set of measures. So, there is extensive work to improve the effectiveness of the fight with the disease. Prior to the adoption of the Law of Uzbekistan "On combating the spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) "all activities in this field lined up in the framework of the law "On prophylaxis of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection." Laws and regulations of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers approved state programs to combat the spread of HIV were implemented .

As a result - a network of centers for fighting AIDS has been created. Only in 2009-2011, to its development $18 million  has been invested.

In the seven regions to the needs of these institutions new buildings were built and in other regions - reconstructed.

All regional centers are equipped with a set of equipment, similar to what is used in the republican center – the PCR, enzyme immunoassay and biochemical analyzers, flow cytometry, and instruments for the study of biological fluids.

In addition, 59 inter-district AIDS diagnostic laboratories with immunoenzyme analyzers required for mass screening are functioning.

The diagnostic service works with the use of the latest IV generation test kits. Conditions have been created to assist those who are unable to avoid the disease.

HIV-infected persons are at the dispensary, and patients with AIDS receive antiretroviral therapy. Against the backdrop of a retroviral therapy, the patient can live a long life.