"Uzbekistan Airways" and «Lufthansa Technik Ag» Celebrated Twentieth Year of Cooperation
15 november 2013, 17:07 3548 views


"We wish you a pleasant flight." Famouse beginning, before the winged machine will take over gravity ones again. And just imagine the work that provides a safe and comfortable flight.

A professional crew is worthless without a huge team of ground services. Among them is one that specializes in the maintenance of planes. Therefore this job is undertaken by - aircraft repair enterprise «Uzbekistan airways technics».

Aircraft undercome detailed inspection every 2 years or after 2.5 thousand flight hours. Everything is being checked using the latest technology, including the possibility of X-ray radiation. The continuously growing fleet features Airbus A320 , Boeing 767 and 757.

Therefore, cooperation in the field of aircraft repair – is a very important link in the international aviation market . The Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing «Lufthansa Technik AG» Walter Heerdt noted , cooperation with Uzbekistan is developing since 1993. During this time, the two companies have greatly expanded their work and can say that this growth is largely contributed to the joint work . For example, the national air company has created its own modern ground engineering system, and so on. This means that many types of services are performed here and at the same time, these same experts will provide services to foreign carriers. And we are very happy to partner with "Uzbekistan Airways" our partnership is mutually beneficial, that's what makes it really strong.

Cooperation with Lufthansa do not end only in the training of personnel and repair if parts, additionaly the joint market research of aircraft repair services and the creation of an airline customer base. Since 1997 «UAT» provides independent maintenance of each new aircraft. In 2016 pilots of Uzbekistan Airways will sit at the helm of Boeing 787s. Partners are going to continue cooperation with joint projects in support of Dreamliner .