"Uzbekenergo": “It will be warm and well-lit in winter”
30 august 2013, 12:43 15 views

altThe chief of the Energy Development department of "Uzbekenergo" Ravshan Ortikov has informed that “Uzbekenergo” allocated 250 billion soums from its own budget for the preparation to the upcoming autumn-winter season.

The electrical installations, switches, synchronous condensers, compressors and other facilities designed to ensure the population's need for electricity were fully repaired.

Additional measures are taken to improve the reliability of power supply because of reveal shortcomings and omissions during the previous autumn- winter period.

In order to implement the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 5, 2013 "On measures to provide training for the economy sectors to a sustainable operation during the autumn -winter period, 2013-2014 ", "Uzbekenergo" issued an order dated July 8, 2013 and approved  the complex of specific measures.

These measures are intended to provide on-time and high-quality preparation process of equipment, electrical and heating systems, buildings and structures, stable power supply to consumers in the autumn- winter, 2013-2014.

As of August 20th, 2013  6 units , 12 boilers , 2 turbines, 5 hydroelectric , ~17.4 thousand km of transmission lines of all voltage , 5.7 thousand of transformers and distribution points have already been repaired.

In addition, more than 1 million tons of coal for Angren and Novo- Angren thermal power-station have been stored to ensure the stable operation of two coal-fired power plants.

The main work on preparation of the power system for the autumn -winter period 2013-2014 is still in process.