Uzbek doctors to master lymphoma treatment with stem cells
19 march 2015, 09:20 1378 views


Method of transplantation of stem cells from the patient incorporated into the clinical practice of Uzbekistan one year ago for the treatment of multiple myeloma preferentially localized cancer cells in the bone marrow.

According to Uzbekistan Today, ten patients are treated until now with this technology.

However, experts Department of Molecular Medicine and Cell Technologies Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion headed for the increased use of this technology in the treatment of other diseases.

The first will be developed lymphoma treatment technology - lymphatic tissue disease characterized by enlarged lymph nodes, and the defeat of various internal organs in which there is uncontrolled accumulation of "tumor" cells.

In the development of new technologies, as in the previous case, the local physicians will assist their colleagues from Turkey.