Uzbek Customs Officers Prevented over 1,000 attempts of Illegal Transportation of Cosmetics
08 august 2014, 11:31 2777 views


Thus, during routine inspection of the passenger train "Moscow-Tashkent" more than 200 units of cosmetic products worth over 2 million soums were seized from the citizen B. Mavlyanova by the employees of border customs post "Keles" UGCC in Tashkent.

Based on operational data of the employees of the Metropolitan customs together with representatives of other law enforcement officials during the examination in the established legal order of a car belonging to a citizen M. Talipov and his apartment, 147 cosmetic and perfumery products of foreign production have been found and seized. The owner of illegal goods worth over 30 million Soums was unable to furnish the representatives of law enforcement bodies the appropriate documents confirming the legitimacy of the cargo.

Currently, according to the facts of offences, the customs investigation is being conducted, reports UzReport.