Transport industry development in Uzbekistan: 16 facts
13 november 2013, 18:19 2155 views

alt prepared a compilation of facts about the development of this sector.

1.    Today Uzbekistan has all except marine, modern means of transportation.

2.    The main part of cargo is carried by rail, road and pipeline transport,

3.    and passenger traffic is by road, air and rail transport.

4.    In the last five years total traffic has increased by 45%, including

5.    the passenger traffic by 24%,

6.    cargo turnover by 38%,

7.    transit traffic increased by 52%.

8.    More than 5,300 companies and enterprises of different ownership types in the field of transport are functioning in the Republic.

9.    The transport sector constitutes to 12 percent of GDP.

10.  Over the past few years in the country, in addition to the existing routes new transport routes to the south, south- west and north directions were set up.

11.  Technical fleet of planes, locomotives, carriages and cars were updated.

12.  The country has implemented investment projects in the transportation industry: Improving passenger rail transport / reconstruction of railways in Uzbekistan / Renewal of locomotives / Modernization of diesel locomotives and reconstruction of foundries.

13.  Before the end of 2013 it is planned to acquire additional 13 passenger locomotives – diesel locomotives.

14.  Uzbekistan and Afghanistan have reached an agreement, according to which within three years of the first Afghan railway line will be operated by Uzbek side.

15.  According to the arrangement of the Uzbek and Afghan side, SJSRC "Uzbekistan Railways" will be the main operator in the use of the railway branch Hayraton – Mazari - Sharif, implementing its commercial operation.

16.  Annual International Exhibition TransUzbekistan provides an opportunity for foreign and Uzbek companies - public and private carriers, freight forwarders, manufacturers of railway equipment, spare parts, components, providers of communications service, control and design of transport, to expand or strengthen their business not only in Uzbek market, but and in all Central Asia.