Touristic Potential Of Khorezm: Facts And Figures
19 november 2013, 14:25 1025 views

altAs UzA reported, much attention is paid to the development of tourism infrastructure, in particular, a network of small hotels in Urgench and Khiva, strengthening the material - technical base of tourist services in the region.

Here are the important facts:

- taking into account the annual increase in the number of guests visiting the area for the last 10 years, the number of hotels has increased by almost 4 times;

- for the development of tourism in the region it is planned to spend 86.8 million US dollars;

- to implement about 200 projects and build about 30 new hotels;

- in order to expand the number of translators for account of the youth in framework of the program regional department of educational consulting center at the National Company "Uzbektourism" was launched;

- work on creating a database of tourism opportunities in the area, the preparation and publication of guides that meet international standards, has been started;

- a tourist map of the area and the magazine "Guide to Khorezm" in several foreign languages are being prepared for publication.

- In the oasis 225 objects of cultural heritage are registered.