The Question About The Goods Banned To Be Imported Into The Republic Of Uzbekistan Is In The Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions On The Site Of SСС
15 november 2013, 15:15 1009 views

altLIST of items prohibited for import into the Republic of Uzbekistan:

·         Stamp production,

·         manuscripts,

·         clichés,

·         drawings,

·         snapshots,

·         photographic film,

·         negatives,

·         film, video and audio production,

·         records,

·         audio materials, aimed at undermining the state and public order, the violation of the territorial integrity, political independence and national sovereignty, promoting war, terrorism, violence, national exclusiveness and religious hatred, racism, and its variety (anti-Semitism, fascism),

·         as well as materials with pornographic content. (UP-1871 dated 10.10.1997),

·         ethyl alcohol is also prohibited to be imported into the Republic of Uzbekistan (PTP #213 dated 15.05.1998 and PP-531 dated 14.12.2006),

·         used vehicles of "M2", "M3" and “N2” categories,

·         new vehicles of these categories, equipped with gasoline and diesel engines, and with the level of toxicity which does not meet the requirements of the environmental class "Euro-2", and from January 1, 2010 which do not meet the requirements of the environmental class "Euro-3", except for the vehicles with special purposes, with the relevant HS codes 8703 and 8705.