The Poetry Reading is Accepted as Payment for Transit in Jizak
15 november 2013, 17:33 1048 views

altHis only requirement for this category of passengers is a poem learned in school. The journalist of the newspaper "Oila Davrasida" told about this unusual method of receiving payment for the ride. Every day the children of the local mahalla get to school on the fixed-route taxi, the driver of which asks them to tell a poem. Each day, the children have to tell a new poem for free ride to the school gates.

On the question of the journalist why he does not take the fare from children, he considers all children as his, and taking charge from your children is a shame. Also in the course of the conversation it turned out that the driver had never been a teacher, but he would like to ensure that all children that grow in this Mahalla are educated and intelligent people.