The assessment of teachers will be started in Uzbekistan
28 august 2013, 15:25 1283 views


According to the newspaper "The Pravda Vostoka" evaluation of teachers of higher educational institutions of the country will be on a 100-point scale, where:

50 points will be received from the results of students’testing.

    25 points will be taken from the degree of participation in research work, the availability of inventions, innovations and patents, publication of books and scientific articles, the development of educational and training material for the introduction of new technologies, organization of public lectures,

    15 points can be dialed for the preparation of the winners of national and international subject Olympiads, sports events and art exhibitions,

    10 - for the production of manuals and textbooks.

Activities of those who score less than 56 points will be found to be ineffective, which will affect the assessment of the direction of the institution and retraining.

In the course of monitoring, factors influencing the degree of students’assimilation of different disciplines will be explored,professionalism and activity of teachers’ preparation of highly qualified personnel will be analyzed. This procedure will be held once a year at selected universities. Five students of each teacher, held retraining and not less than six months ago, will be tested in relevant subjects. Also the ratings of academic performance among groups will be evaluated simultaneously holding a survey among groups on the quality of the lesson process, the ability of a teacher  to explain theme, scientific potential, experience and use of cutting-edge teaching and information technology.

The main scientific and methodological center will be responsible for the formation of a unified electronic database of teachers and similar information system for the implementation of monitoring, and the generalization of its results.

Based on the received and generalized resultsof monitoring the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, Center for development of Higher and Secondary Special and Professional Education as well as the universities themselves will propose and implement measures to improve the quality of education, improve the state standards and programs.