Street art today - Art or vandalism?
17 october 2013, 08:16 1691 views

Wikipedia gives the following description of this phrase: "Street-Art is Fine Arts with the distinguishing feature of which is a distinct urban style.


The main part of the street art is the graffiti (or spray-art), but you cannot assume that the street art is the graffiti. The street art also includes posters (non-profit), stencils, various sculptural installations, and etc. In street art every detail, shadow, color, line is important. The artist creates his a stylized logo - a "unique sign" and portrays it in the areas of the urban landscape. The most important thing in street art is not assigning the territory but involving the viewer in a dialogue and showing a different scene".

As professional artists say: "For the street art the world is one huge canvas". But they also add that this phenomenon, becoming fashionable among teenagers, is often a black spot on the walls of the city streets.

Very often, artists-amateurs of street art do not feel the line between bullying and self-expression, vandalism and art. As a result, the drawings and inscriptions left on the walls spoil the view of city streets.


As explained by lawyers, for unauthorized putting different figures on the city walls one can be brought to administrative responsibility. This painting can be seen as disorderly conduct and according to Article 183 of the Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan on administrative responsibility: Disorderly conduct, that is intentional disregard of the rules of conduct in society, expressed in obscene language in public, offensive harassing citizens and other similar actions disturbing public order and tranquility of citizens, is punishable by a fine of between three and five times of the minimum wage or administrative arrest up to fifteen days.

In Tashkent, there are now a variety of street art clubs, which are engaged in painting professionally and even earn by decorating the walls of customer premises with pictures.

The pictures were taken on the ground in front of house #1, situated in a 25th block area of Uchtepa district. Also, the material used in the preparation of photographs was got from the site