Smoke or not to smoke: 12 facts
03 october 2013, 14:15 1261 views

altWe offer some of the facts of the stories on this topic:

1.    Growing organism requires large amounts of vitamins, smoking leads to the fact that they are absorbed by the body improperly and not fully.

2.    Somatotropic hormone, which is especially actively produced by the body during adolescence, is responsible for the proper growth. Tobacco significantly reduces the production of this hormone, as a result smoking slows the growth or even stop it altogether.

3.    Cigarettes prevents the absorption of protein. Accordingly, smoking prevents muscle growth. Prolonged smoking, according to researchers, interferes with the metabolism of the muscles at the cellular level and can decrease the body's ability more than twice to process amino acids from food in muscle tissue.

4.    Smoking reduces the level of testosterone in the body, and without enough amount of this hormone one cannot even think of the correct muscle growth.

5.    Due to the effects of smoking on the respiratory system, muscles receive less oxygen, as a result fatigue happens much faster during physical exercise.

6.    Today, 1.3 billion people on our planet are dependent on tobacco.

7.    Each year, smoking kills about six million people.

8.    Tobacco kills one life in every six seconds.

9.    By 2030, the number of deaths due to smoking will increase to 10 million people a year.

10.  Out of a hundred people who smoked per day to fifteen cigarettes, ten will die from cancer.

11.              On average, every smoker shortens his or her life by 18 years.

12. Every smoker, for each 10 years of smoking, "spends on smoking" one car of the middle class. This is, for example, Mazda 6, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Lacetti, Skoda Octavia, and Audi A4.