Shoes «Made in Italy» will be produced in Uzbekistan
11 february 2015, 17:38 1925 views


Italian Association of Confartigianato promoting a project involving company of shoe industry from the Italian city of Fermo. This project is the result of cooperation "Uzbekcharimpoyabzali" Association and the Chamber of Commerce "Italy-Uzbekistan" in order to attract Italian manufacturers of women's footwear in the country.

In the first phase will be created a network of companies in order to check the initial reaction of the local market on samples leather products, footwear and leather products are 100% made in Italy.

For the second phase of the project scheduled direct involvement of a number of companies of Uzbekistan - Members of the Association "Uzbekcharmpoyabzali" in the finishing and final packaging of products in the country, according to news agency "Jahon" with reference to a number of media in Italy.

In the future it is planned to produce up to 6 million pairs of shoes a year, both for the domestic market and for export.