Results of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan for the first half of 2013
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The main rates of socio-economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

in % to the similar period in 2012

Indicator                          Growth Rate

Gross domestic product      108,0

Industry product                  108,2

Consumer products             114,4

Agriculture products            107,3

Construction works             116,1

Retail turnover                    114,6

Payable services                111,0

Services total                     112,1


In the framework of Investment program for the year 2013 in the past period of the year,  launched new 141st  investment project with total sum of $6.8 billion, completed implementation of 28 large investment projects, “implementation of the cogeneration gas turbine technologies at JSC “Tashkent TPP” deposits Samantepe and South Urtabulak with the construction of BCS and the gas pipeline South Urtabulak – МГП Compensation of decommissioned facilities at the Mubarek GPP,З”, desulfurization blocks №№16,17”,” Reconstruction of the substation «Ahangaran» on the territory of PPE «Angren»”,”Expansion of production of electronic scales and the development of modern models of control-cash machines that support the functions of the software on OJSC «Foton»,” Modernization of the acting production with the construction of a new line for production of cement by dry method of JSC “Bekabadsement””,” Organization of manufacture of aerated concrete JV LLC «Stroy Invest Max” Organization of the textile complex in Tashkent region (stage I) and other.


During the first half of the current year in the construction projects and reconstruction of automobile roads, part of the Uzbek national highway , 350 billion of sums was disbursed, out of this  292,5 billion UZS was at the expense of the funds of the Republican Road Fund,

 57.4 billion sums at the expense of foreign loans under guarantee of the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In the past period of the year works on construction and reconstruction of 219km of automobile  roads were completed, including 15 km of the road territory A-373 Tashkent-Osh by passing Kokand, 8 km of new direction of Tashkent by pass road, 100 km of road territory A-380 Guzar-Bukhara-Beyn, 50km of road is  with asphalt and 50 km - with cement concrete pavement of 4-lane traffic. Besides, construction works in 25 objects of roadside infrastructure and services across Uzbek national highway have been started.

Within  the first half of the year in the framework of  implementation of the Program ”On accelerating the development of infrastructure, transport and communication for the years 2011-2015” the investments equivalent to 161.8 million dollars were involved for the projects of SJSRC «Uzbekiston Temir Yullari». Reconstructed 109,5 km of railways, produced 227 cargo and 15 passenger cars. During the implementation of the project on electrification of railway sections Marakand-Karshi and Karshi-Termez funds in the amount of 19.1 million dollars were involved. Works on construction of a new electrified railway line Angren-PAP were successfully launched.


In the current year for the first time was achieved a record-breaking harvest of grain cereals crops over 7.6 million tons. This was achieved by taking measures on improvement of  meliorative condition of lands, and the introduction of modern farming methods. At the same time the average yield was up 49.2 tons per hectare, including irrigated lands - 55 centners per hectare.

In order to increase the volume of production of agricultural crops on the basic and intermediate crop acreage were planted vegetables covering 251,8 thousand of hectares, 82,4 thousand of hectares were given for potatoes and 59 thousand of hectares for watermelons. Reconstruction works of gardens were carried out involving 5.7 thousand hectares area as well as 3.8 hectares of vineyard. In personal part-time farms of the population were created 22,7 thousand greenhouses with total area of 384 ha.

During the first half of the year due to the commercial bank loans for 110.2 billion sums were  assigned to develop livestock sector, 45.4 billion sums for poultry, 15.3 billion for fishery and bee-farming. In general 1138 livestock sectors were developed throughout the country with the total number of 38 thousand cattle, 592 poultry farms of 4.5 million birds, 601 fishery 3.4 thousand hectares of artificial reservoirs, as well 1428 beekeeping farms.

Small business

In order to facilitate the organisation of small industries, for the past period of the year small business entities implemented 46 state assets for the total amount 23.9 billion sums and 19,1 thousand of unused units of state property were given for rent, loans for 3,7 trillion sums having increased 1.3 times compared to the same period in the year of 2012. Also 775,2 billion sums was allocated for microcredits (increased 1.4 time), as well as, the funds within the credit lines of international financial institutions in the amount of 59,8 million dollars. 

 Due to the taken measures to support the development of entrepreneurial activity from the beginning of the year were created 15.8 thousand new small business entities. The greatest number of small business entities were founded in the sphere of industry (28.2 percent of the total quantity), trade and catering (by 26.8%), agriculture and forestry (15.1 per cent) and construction (9.6%) The total number of operating small businesses compared to the same period in 2012 has increased by 4.6 percent.

In general, owing to the steps taken for creation the maximum favorable business environment for development of small business, share of this sphere in GDP has increased from 42.6 in the first half of 2012 to 43.2 per cent in the first half of 2013, in industry from 21.8% to 22.9%, in exports - from 12.4 percent to 19.2 percent and the employment - to 75.1 percent to 75.5 percent.

Increasing the standard of living  of population

Within the framework of the State program «Year of welfare and prosperity» for the expired period of the year were realised a number of actions to improve the standard of life. The quantity of invested money constituted more than$3,4 trillion sums.

During the first half of the current year were created 554,4 thousand of work places, including  334.4 thousand of new jobs (60.3% of the total number) - in rural areas.

In the labour market the employment of population has increased by 2.5 per cent, wages in the whole economy - by 18.5%, the average size of pensions - by 28.6 percent. In General, real revenues of the population grew by 16.3 percent.


For the past period of the year 108 houses with the total area of 15.4 thousand sq.m.were introduced to the public.

In the whole, throughout the country during the reporting period were commissioned 5059,7 thousand square meters of housing (104,2% to the similar period in 2012), including 3752,9 thousand sq.m in rural areas (103.1 %)

In the framework of the implementation of measures to improve access of population to qualitative drinking water from the beginning of the year 1503,6 km of water supply networks (153,3 percent similar to the same period 2012), including 1357,5 km in rural areas (156,9 percent) were put into operation

At the expense of extra-budgetary funds in the first half of the year were put into operation 48 secondary schools, 5 vocational colleges and dormitories for their students on 100 places, dormitories at academic lyceums for 400 students, medical institutions for 150 beds and 600 visits per shift, 11 children's sports buildings.