Preschool education poses new requirements in UZBEKISTAN
23 october 2013, 19:00 1400 views



The document defines the institutions whose work should be guided by specified requirements, according to Norma.

These include:

state and non-state

pre-school and "Mercy"orphanage, where there are groups of children,

colleges and universities, where training of specialists for the pre-school and primary education,

organizations on improving the skills of staff,

as well as the departments of methodical work of the district public education authority and municipal public education authority, supervising pre-school and primary education.

The psychological characteristics of children, which need to be taken into account in working with them, are given in the requirements.

For each age group there are rules and lesson plans in the following areas: physical development, self-service and hygiene, socio - emotional development, preparation for speech, reading and writing, the process of learning and gaining knowledge about the environment.

The document was adopted in the statelanguage.

The Order came into force on the day of its publication in the Collection of legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan #42 dated October, 21 2013.