One of the largest museums of Uzbekistan moves to new building
05 february 2015, 12:28 1729 views


According to the project of the institute "UzshaharsozlikLITI" for the museum named after Savitsky were built new buildings.

According to Uzbekistan Today, before more than 90 thousand exhibits stored in the museum, housed in buildings scattered in different parts of the city.

In 2003, it was put into operation a new exhibition building - one of the buildings of the planned complex. Today, the construction of two buildings with a total value of more than 44,270,000,000 soums and improvement of adjacent territories.

The new building will fund the restoration workshops and the museum with the best equipment, allowing to preserve the unique collection.

In September, it is planned celebration of the 100th anniversary of Igor Savitsky. It is expected that there will gather art historians, artists and those who knew the founder of the museum's collection or worked with him.

Recall that the Savitsky Museum entered the British list of the most unusual places to visit.