On pre-New Year fair products will be sold with 30% discount
18 december 2014, 16:40 1173 views


This year, the main grocery sale will last longer than usual - the last day scheduled for Jan. 2.

Starting from December 25 until the end of fairs all food products in special festive halls and plazas will be sold at a discount of 30% of the market value, says the newspaper “Pravda Vostoka” ("Truth of the East").

This year, the volume of food products, fruits and vegetables, planned for implementation during the festive New Year fairs, retailers association "Uzulgurjisavdoinvest" increased by 20%.

Only for the storage of fresh produce in the association now operate 316 warehouses with a total capacity of 88.5 thousand tons. Products are stored in its original form, as they are not frozen and placed in a special vacuum storage.