More than 18 million people participated in hasher
19 march 2015, 13:17 1013 views


According to Mahalla fund, more than 43 thousand hectares of lands, irrigation ditches with a total length of 26 thousand kilometers, over 9 thousand places of worship were covered with hashar over the weekend.

About 16 thousand units of special equipments were used in removal of nearly 60 thousand tons of household and construction waste.

Thanks to hashar, more than 150 projects were completed and put into operation new mahalla guzars, shops, beauty salons, chaikhanas, pharmacies, banquet halls, playgrounds, production departments and points of public services.

Social assistance is provided to the houses of Sahovat, Muruvvat, children of orphanages, large families and people with disabilities.

The collectives of enterprises, organizations and institutions planted more than 10 million decorative, more than 8 million fruit trees, about 12 million pieces of flower seedlings through the nationwide charity hashar entitled “24 sapling for the 24th anniversary of independence”. Pruning and whitewashing of trees implemented.

The personnel of the Council of Federation of trade unions planted nearly 5 million of fruit and ornamental trees, more than 235 thousand pieces of flower seedlings on the territories of children's health camps and sanatoriums. In connection with the Year of Care for the Senior Generation they also visited the people living over a 100-year milestone and rendered them financial assistance.

Funds received from the charity hashar, will be transferred to the account of the Mahalla public fund and further directed to such a noble goal as social protection of needy citizens, improvement of mahallas, settlements, residential areas, guzars, playgrounds, places of worship, IA "Jahon" reports.