Last week Five People Got Burns and Three Died in the Fires
11 november 2013, 17:09 1172 views

altAs a result of fires 5 people suffered from burns of varying severity, and three died. In the course of operational activities firefighters saved a lot of residential premises and property of citizens.  Smoking, and alcohol, almost killed a resident of Tashkent named Vladimir K.

After drinking a more than decent amount of alcohol he lit a cigarette and unwittingly fell asleep. From the un-quenched cigarette butt linens has ignited and started a fire. Neighbors noticed a smoke, coming from the window quickly summoned firefighters, who, fortunately, managed to save a lover to "rest" and localized the source of the fire.

A resident of the district Denau in Surkhandarya region Uktam J. was a victim of its own negligence. He tried to turn on the light in the kitchen, which was full of gas from a faulty furnace. When he flipped the switch, it generated a spark which resulted in gas flash. Uktam received burns of varying severity and was hospitalized.

Short circuit in a faulty motor starter bus owned by a resident of the district Baisun in the same Surkhandarya region, was the cause of the fire. The vehicle burned to the ground.

As a result of a traffic accident in Zarafshan a Navoi region two cars confronted "Lacetti" and "GAZ-24", broken out flames quickly engulfed "Lacetti". Car came from a fire in a state unfit for further use.

Faulty heating furnace and a clogged chimney in the house of Allamurada K., Shavat district Khorezm region caused a fire, more than 120 square meters of building structures were destroyed by the fire.

Source: newspaper "Na postu"