Laboratory assistant of the College P. Borowski took bribes for a promise to enrol in college
15 september 2013, 14:43 1264 views

altThat is why the number of people wishing to study at this college is very large. For example, Gulchekhra Bolieva (names are changed) also wanted her daughter study in this college, but she was either not confident in the abilities of her daughter, or just decided to secure, and asked for help from Rakhima Isaeva.

Rakhim Isaeva has been working in various positions at the College of P. Borowski for 20 years. And recently she has been a laboratory assistant.

Rakhima Isaeva for "help" on admission took U.S. $1,600 from the mother of the applicant. However, after receiving the amount Rakhima failed to deliver her promises. As a result, the daughter of Gulchekhra Bolieva, what is called " left behind" - did not enter the desired college.

But the story did not end at this point. Lab assistant promised to another entrant a place among the students of the college. For $2,000 she promised to enroll Kamol Turaev in college. Kamol Turaev and Rakhim Isaeva agreed to meet outside the cafe "Blue Domes", which is in Yakkasaroy district.

After the transfer of money, employees of the Department for combating tax, currency crimes and money laundering at the Attorney General of the Republic of Uzbekistan caught red-handed Rakhima Isaeva. During the trial of a criminal case Rakhima pleaded guilty.

Source: newspaper "Istemolchi” № 37