Human Trafficking of XXI Century
19 november 2013, 11:47 2476 views

altA man that lived for nearly half of century, in principle, should know what is a sin and what is not . A resident of Shaikhantakhur district in Tashkent, Shukhrat Husanov , for sure, knew that he does a vile deed. However, the insatiable greed for money led him to commit one of the most serious crimes - human trafficking. Husanov gained trust of young ladies through deception and offered them a job in Turkey. Of course, with a good salary. After drove them to Istanbul , and handed his compatriots as a product to the hands of the gang . In Turkey, women were forced into prostitution.

However, all secrets do open someday. Another "operation" of Husanov failed, and a slave trader received deserved punishment.

In June 2012, near the market "Chilonzor buyum bozori" Husanov met his next victims, two young ladies Feruza Nosirova (born in 1978) and Munojat Karimova (1982). Tricking them was an easy task. Husanov told them that his alleged sister works in Turkey, in the legal profession. If the girls will go to Turkey, his sister will help them find a nanny job with a good salary. In that way, when they heard that they could receive from $600 per month, they immediately agreed.

"Then prepare the documents and collect the money for the tickets," – said Husanov and made a new appointment. A few days later Feruza and Munojat brought their passport and money for tickets - 1 million 680 thousand soums each.

On the appointed day they met at the international airport "Tashkent" and flew to Istanbul. In the Turkish capital, they stopped in the hotel "Grand orol." According to the plan, the guests had to meet Husanov sister. However, for some reason, she did not appear in the airport. Husanov made "confused" look and then saying that will be right back, left Feruza and Munojat alone.

After that an unknown woman appeared in the room, that introduced herself as Madina, and said that she wants to take Feruza and Munojat to her home. They, in turn, said that without Husanova are not going anywhere. But Madina quickly persuaded her friends to go, as the taxi was waiting for them outside.

On the road, there was a strange conversation inside the car. Madina asked the girls why they are in Turkey, what is their purpose? Women replied that they came to work as babysitters, they say, Shukhrat promised to arrange everything. Afterwards madina Madina replied that there is no such work here.

Once Feruza and Munojat reached the apartment, they understood whom they would have to "babysit". As it turned out, their new friend rented this apartment. Madina's main task was to find new women, and provide them to men clients and get paid for that. In other words Madina was a souteneur. Help her in this matter  was Shukhrat Husanov and his wife Zulfiyya.

Madina said that she have to leave and will be back soon , but not alone – with a Turkish man that hey should politely "serve." After some time, she led the client. He offered them a drink , the girls refused. They were given water and drinks. After a while, Madina said that it is time to "get down to business ," the man wants to have fun with you. Hearing categorical denial , as if riled Madina started screaming that she paid a lot of money , and now they have to "cover" the cost. Feruza and Munojat started screaming even call for help out of the window. Accordingly they frightened Madina a little and managed to get out of the apartment, they decided to go back to the hotel. But at that time one of the ladies lost consciousness and fainted (it turned out, that Madina added something to the drink). Her friend immediately wrote a text message to her brother in Uzbekistan ...

Realizing that the "mission" was failed, Husanov, apparently hoping to avoid bad consequences, nevertheless helped the girls to return to their homeland. However was unable to avoid punishment.

In January 2013, a trial was held. Tashkent criminal court of Tashkent convicted Husonov on several articles of the Criminal Code, including trafficking of human, and the creation of a criminal gang. As a result, the next eight and a half years he will spend in prison.

Among Uzbek people there is a saying: "If the speaker is fool, the listener must be smart." Indeed, there are people who for their own gain, go to the deception. Remember: if you do not think with your head, you will be deceived by anyone. Similarly, as Feruza and Munojat. Be careful!