How will the admission to the magistracy of the Law University be?
18 august 2013, 07:19 1332 views

altOn July 29, the Order of the Director of the State Testing Center under the Cabinet of Ministers (registered by Ministry of Justice 26.07.2013№ 2490), entered into force. The following Order approves the Regulation on the organization and conduct of tests examinations for admission to the Master of the Tashkent State Law University.

According to this document the testing examinations will be carried out by the State Testing Center from  August  3rd  to August 10.

On the day of tests examination applicants  will be admitted to the building where the tests will be carried out, from 7.00 to 8.30 on the passport and pass the entrant. At the entrance there will be videography. Applicants who fail to appear at a specified time, will not have other chance to take examinations.

Applicants will be tested on two ("Fundamentals of the theory and practice of building a democratic state and civil society," "Specialty discipline,") or three subjects ("Fundamentals of the theory and practice of building a democratic state and civil society", "Specialty Discipline”, "Foreign Language").

As for questions book it will contain:

25 questions on “Fundamentals of practice and theory of building a democratic state and civil society.”

25 questions on the foreign language

50 questions on Specialty discipline

An applicant will be given following  time for performing the tasks.

2 hours and 20 minutes – for 75 questions

3 hours – for 100 questions

The examinations will begin at 8.30 a.m.

From 8.30 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. entrants will get introduced with rules of filling answers sheet and write down personal data into the necessary spaces. This time will not include the time given for the tests examination.

Additional 20 minutes will be given for filling the answers sheet.

If the entrant passes the examination successfully, that is collected more than 55% from the established maximum score from each discipline, he then will be admitted to the writing exam.

The applicant who does not agree with test results, within 24 hours shall have the right to file a written appeal the Commission with a copy of the applicant passes.

The appeal must be considered within 2 days. The decision of the Appellate Commission can be appealed to the court.

The Order was adopted in the national language.

The order entered into force from the date of its being officially published in the Collection of Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan  № 30, 29th ,2013.