GPS-monitoring to exclude "fake" routes and long waiting at bus stops
13 february 2015, 09:50 1346 views


In the near future it will be possible to run information systems for passengers in the form of mobile service and placards to be installed at bus stops.

To purchase 2,500 sets of GPS-trekkers and other equipment was obtained a bank loan in the amount of 1.1 billion soums. In the first phase of the project was contracted with a foreign company «Meitrack Group» import 300 GPS-trackers. In the second phase, the same company has put in Uzbekistan has 2,200 units. According to the National word, the total cost of GPS-devices was 835 million soums.

Today, in the AK "Toshshahartranshizmat" established new central dispatching service equipped with 30 computers and 16 wall-mounted monitors. 14 bus stations introduced a system of surveillance in online mode.

GPS-tracker installed in the transport, provides information on the whereabouts of the machine, its speed, stops, idle time, route and even fuel consumption.