Geneticists of Uzbekistan will Identify Future Champions
06 january 2014, 10:18 1653 views

- Last year was remarkable for the laboratory as we moved forward in the study of topical issues of our most interesting and relatively new areas. During that time, we managed to implement many of the ideas that have recently seemed unthinkable. So, the challenge is the possible detection of hereditary diseases, as well as genes that predispose to certain ailments - for example, gastric cancer. Such early detection will help to avoid adverse impacts due to compliance with a particular regime and medication.

Among other fundamental and applied grants - is the study on the implementation of sports selection at the molecular genetic level. In this way, it is possible to identify a predisposition of young people to football, athletics, swimming and other sports. The result of our work will be a panel presentation - a specific set of genes, which can identify future champions.

We work together with the relevant federations and are aimed at identifying future leaders for the perspective sport. This will improve athletic performance, the development of healthy and physically developed generation, said Rustam Muhamedov in an interview with "Pravda Vostoka".