Fish farming in Kashkadarya: 7 facts
14 november 2013, 11:23 1116 views


1. In accordance with the program of development of fish farming in the region in 2013    37 new projects were implemented.

2. In Karshi, Kasan, Kasbi, Nishan, Mirishkor, Kitab and Kamashi regions another 13 fish farms were organized.

3. 128.1 hectares of land was allocated to them.

4. As a result, about 120 new vacancies were created.

5. Now the number of fish farms in the region reached 158.

6. In the area in order to ensure a continuous process of growing fish until November 1 about 2 million 920 thousand fry were released in natural and artificial reservoirs.

7. In order to supply the population with quality and fresh products 16 new fish shops were built and put into operation in 2013.