Electricity Meters Will Be Put On The Facade Of Individual Apartment Houses
19 november 2013, 15:06 913 views

altThus, according to the adopted amendments, by mutual agreement between the domestic consumer residing in a separate individual apartment house and territorial power grids enterprise electric energy meters can be installed on the facades of houses or pylons in compliance with the Regulations for Electrical.

At the same time, works on the removal of the existing settlement of electricity meters for residential customers on the facades of houses and electricity pylons are made by enterprises of territorial power grids without charging for this work.

However, the necessary materials for the renovation and reconstruction of power grids on the resettlement of electricity meters on the facades of houses and utility poles are purchased at the expense of domestic consumers.

* Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated November 1, 2013 #295 "On additional measures to improve the work of "Uzbekenergo" and strengthen the discipline of payments for consumed electric energy".