Educational Institutions of Namangan are Leading in the Number Of Teachers With Fake Diplomas
20 november 2013, 12:04 945 views


In the educational institutions of the Pap and Kasansay district of Namangan, 105 teachers working with fake diplomas were indentified, as reported by UzA.

Another "leader" among the regions of the republic became Surkhandarya, 25 teachers that prsented fake diplomas were indentified. They were paid 300.7 million soums wages.

On the basis of fake diplomas in a boarding school number 21 Tamdin district, during the last 2 years primary school teacher T. Elmuratova was paid 13.0 million soums, and a teacher of Russian language L. Bazarovoy - 12.1 million soums.

altDuring the study of the issue regarding provision of educational institutions with qualified personnel, it was found that 227 teaching activities were carried out under false diplomas, and 117 teachers carried out lessons that not correspond to their profile.