Drug Trafficking
18 november 2013, 16:21 1289 views


A whole lot of battling against it is being undertaken, however, unfortunately, due to the "diligence" of some evil criminals it is not yet possible to completely destroy.

On April 17th, 2013 in Bekabad court of Tashkent region , the hearing was held. Neutralized drug group consisting of three members from Surkhandarya, Fergana and Tashkent region . They were selling drugs to a large extent by smuggling coming from Tajikistan and sold in Uzbekistan. However, the case involved a few more names : " Bobosalim ", " Suhrob ", " Zafar ", " Bakir ", " Nodir " and " Rashid ". Although, their personality unfortunately has not been established by the investigation, one day they will surely be in the courtroom.

As it turned out, Bakhtiar Kassimov (born in 1979, native of Surkhandarya, who lives in Sergeli district of Tashkent) in June 2012, met with "Bobosalim" - a citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan. Bobosalim offered greate amount of money, in order to deliver drugs in Uzbekistan through roundabout ways, which was agreed by Bakhtiar.

However, certainly he was not able to do the wok of his own. Therefore, B. Kosimov found a criminal business partners - "Suҳrob" and "Zafar". With them he arrived at Bekabad area, located at the border of the two states. Here, from the hands of the Bobosalim, they got 2 kilos of "goods". Hiding it in clothes, "Zafar " managed to smuggle them to Tashkent , where he received from Bakhtyor his "earned" money. In this way B. Kasimov, packs up the "goods" and sells to customers . A month later, B. Kasimov finds more partners which are Namoz Muratov from Surhandarya and Khusnuddin Siddikov from Fergana , and continues by same plan: drugs of Bekabad were regularly delivered to Tashkent and sold in the environment of the capital addicts.

In late July, there was another "delivery" for two pounds of potions. This deadly poison and a thirst for easy money, stimulates more appetite in the criminal gang.

With the increase in the supply, the number of members of the gang inreased as well. In September 27, 2012 B. Kasimov attracted to the gang his own brother Shamsutdin. B. Kasimov instructs his brother about the main task, to deliver drugs to the capital and sends him with N.Muratov and H. Siddikov. Shamsutdin goes to the Kuylyuk market and hires a bus driver of PAZ -672 ( state number 10AV077). The criminals say to the driver Abdullah Hoshimov that they need to deliver from Bekabad four tons of eggplant. By receiving in the border region another batch of "goods ", they moved back. However, criminals did not know that last night by the National Security of the Republic of Uzbekistan a special raid to check illegal shipments , narcotic and psychotropic drugs was held.

During the check in Bekabad district of Tashkent region the bus was stopped. In the bus there was only the driver and Shamsutdin. During the inspection under the front seat three plastic bags with a narcotic drug was found.

Later during the trial all the facts about the discovery have been proved during the investigation. The criminal group has recognized all the blame. Citizens that assisted the distribution of drugs, found guilty and received a well-deserved punishment. The decision of the court, B.Kasimov imprisoned for 14 years, his brother Shamsutdin received 12 years, N. Muratov - 13, H. Siddikov - 12, and the drug courier F.Halisov - 11. Thus, the criminals were behind bars, and security services in this way stopped another channel for the supply of drugs from neighboring Tajikistan.