Andijan will receive $54 million Preferential Financial Support for the Provision of Water in the Region
20 november 2013, 11:55 985 views


altAccording to the data of "Andizhansuvokova", part of these funds will be directed to the creation of a comprehensive hydraulic infrastructure of Hanabad reservoir, the newspaper "Pravda Vostoka" reports. In this way, for the major upgrade of Hrabek water distribution point 9.6 million dollars will be sent. Kurgantepa district will also get the opportunity to carry out a thorough reconstruction of the entire complex of water sources.

Urban service "Suvokova" has already acquired 46 units of modern technology and the necessary mechanisms on which the funds in the amount of $1.1 million have been invested.

All of these long-term projects will be implemented with the active participation of the German company "ANT DROUP AG", as well as the Uzbek Agency "Uzkommunalloyiha." The whole complex of scheduled tasks is under the special control of Andijan government management.