A Meeting Of Andijan Region Khokim With The Residents Of The City Was Held In Andijan
19 november 2013, 14:22 4033 views

altUzA reports about it.

During the conversation issues about the provision of the population with gas, electricity and drinking water, the state of the roads, the repair and preparation of multistory buildings for the winter season were discussed.

- In each appeal of citizens there are interests of a specific person, home, mahalla - said the khokim of the region, Sh. Abdurakhmonov. - Therefore, no single appeal is ignored. All appeals and complaints are considered and a decision is made according to the law. It primarily serves the construction of legal and democratic society in our country.

The work of construction, landscaping and improving the living conditions of the population, which have been undertaken in recent years in the city of Andijan was analyzed at the event. Khokim of the region and other officials answered citizens' questions in detail.