A large sports complex will be built in Uzbekistan
25 february 2015, 11:40 1523 views


In the meeting was comprehensively analyzed the work of construction, repair and equipping of sports facilities and swimming pools. Particular attention was paid to improving the operational efficiency of sports complexes, greater involvement in the sport of children, especially girls.

Today more than 2 million children in Uzbekistan are regularly engaged in 30 sports. Average daily time use of sports facilities is 9.8 hours.

Children are equipped with sports facilities and equipment, mainly produced domestically. At present, the enterprises of the country produced 116 of the 120 kinds of sports equipment and equipment, according to national news.

The Head of State emphasized the need of bringing a new level of highly trained athletes and increase their participation in international competitions.

To prepare the world-class athlete is planned for each sport in all areas to build a special set.

Islam Karimov noted, that these facilities must be equipped with the most qualified coaches, if necessary - to be attracted by foreign specialists and to learn from developed in sport countries.

The meeting discussed the measures to be implemented in 2015. Designated the task of construction and reconstruction of sports facilities, providing them with the necessary equipment and supplies.