9 magnetic storms are expected in october
03 october 2013, 14:07 1145 views

altTechnics can fail for a time, first of all it will affect the health of many weak and weather-sensitive people, primarily the elderly.
As it turned out, nine more magnetic storms that can cause a headache are expected in October 2013.
As the shutterstock.com reports, in the first half of the month geomagnetic situation is going to be relatively quiet, but in the second half of October 2013, experts recommend to pay attention to their state.
Thus, weather-sensitive people should take care of themselves in these days:
Friday, October 11.
Saturday, October 12.
Wednesday, October 16.
Thursday, October 17.
Friday, October 18.
Wednesday, October 23.
Saturday, October 26.
Sunday, October 27.
Wednesday, October 30.
We recall, doctors recommend firstly the people who are subject to migraines, high blood pressure and suffer from heart disease to take care of their health.
Also we note that the cardiovascular system of a person is able to adapt to the physical and mental stress. In this case, in the majority of people it is dependent on the fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature, and magnetic storms. People suffering from cardiovascular system, are particularly sensitive to sudden changes in the weather. Therefore it is better to prepare your body in advance for the negative impact of weather conditions.
According to experts, an urgent reason for going to the doctor is chest discomfort, irregular heartbeat, frequent headaches, dizziness, weakness, unwarranted weight loss, unexplained fevers, and decreased efficiency. If you feel unwell, you should immediately call an ambulance.