The Ministry of Labour held a meeting with US Ambassador to Uzbekistan
06 may 2015, 16:26 1179 views


During the meeting P.Spratlen was informed in detail about the work of the Ministry in the areas of social protection and employment of the population, in particular the provision of social services to the elderly and disabled, the conditions created for pupils of houses "Muruvvat" and "Sahovat" rehabilitation of war veterans and labor sanatoriums, the work carried out by the introduction of modern online services to provide quality and efficient services for people in need of social assistance.

US Ambassador P. Spratlen said that a lot of attention, which gives the Uzbek government employment of graduates of colleges and high schools. Speaking about cooperation, the diplomat noted that the active joint work with the ILO, the World Bank, other international organizations, as well as local and foreign NGOs indicates solid commitment to the implementation of Uzbekistan's international norms and conventions ratified by the country in the field of protection of labor rights.

Also P. Spratlen expressed interest in promoting public awareness and US experts on the dynamic changes taking place in the socio-economic life of Uzbekistan.

The Ambassador emphasized the fact that the company its countries are interested in developing trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. In this context, the exchange of information on socio-economic reforms in Uzbekistan plays an important role in this process.

At the end of the meeting the Ambassador once again thanked for reception and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation, IA "Jahon" reports.