"Uzmetkombinat" will launch a new production until the end of 2013
23 october 2013, 12:25 1241 views
"The expansion of production capacity with the construction of installations for vacuuming liquid steel with the reconstruction unit of integrated steel processing"
Kungrad soda plant today: facts and figures
21 october 2013, 11:41 1845 views
Kungrad soda plant, grown in Ustyurt in the years of independence, is steadily gaining momentum, continuing to expand production, said the newspaper  "Pravda Vostoka" (The truth of the East). 
The cotton industry of the country: 18 facts
18 october 2013, 14:23 1910 views
During the years of independence Uzbekistan has consistently implemented structural reforms of cotton industry:
Uzvinprom-holding: 6 facts
16 october 2013, 20:02 1973 views
The newspaper "The Truth of the East" talks about the current state and the introduction of modern technology in one of the largest holding companies of the country.  
Mortgage loans in Uzbekistan: 15 facts
10 october 2013, 11:36 2181 views
UzA reports about the role of mortgage loans in the provision of shelter, with reference to the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
"Uzexpocenter" will attract over 1 billion soums for its development
09 october 2013, 15:19 1041 views
The largest exhibit space of Uzbekistan needs investment - the decision to issue additional shares to increase the authorized capital of JSC "Uzexpocenter" was taken at an extraordinary shareholders' meeting.
Uzbekistan has taken another step towards WTO accession
07 october 2013, 15:24 3152 views
The Law "On Conformity Assessment"* signed by the President of Uzbekistan at the end of last week, will come into force next spring and legitimize the forms of conformity assessment of products, accepted in international legislation.  
There is a stable demand for cars Nexia and Matiz on the market in Ukraine
03 october 2013, 11:27 1600 views
As a part of the Uzbek-Ukrainian business forum, a presentation of a new model of car Gentra-C-class sedan, the production JV GM Uzbekistan was held in Ukraine.
More than 1 trillion sums has been invested in the Samarkand region
30 september 2013, 09:34 1057 views
The share of small business and entrepreneurship in the gross regional product of the Samarkand region of Uzbekistan for six months in 2013 was 70.9%.  
AMMC refuses to buy imported equipment
18 september 2013, 12:28 1081 views
Uzbekistan has approved a feasibility study of the investment project "Production of equipment for mining operations" to OJSC "Almalyk MMC"*
Prices for flights within the country increased
16 september 2013, 09:48 1073 views
The national airline "Uzbekistan Airways" posted an informational message on its website.
Stock market of Uzbekistan today
15 september 2013, 12:48 2595 views
Will there ever be available to anyone to buy shares of JSC "Uzavtosanoat", the enterprises in oil and gas sphere or other "cool" joint stock companies?
State Statistic Committee expands its interactive services.
10 september 2013, 15:44 1049 views
The site SSC is now in the "Supplemental information" can now take advantage of sub-section "Statistic calendar."
State Committee of Demonopolization officially became State Committee of Competition
09 september 2013, 12:23 1242 views
The abbreviated name of the governmental body - " Goskomkonkurentsii (State Committee of Competition)" was formalized for the State Committee of Uzbekistan on privatization, demonopolization and development of competition.
International business education exhibition will be held in Tashkent
30 august 2013, 13:34 1017 views
The exhibition of the business-education of Access MBA Tour will open in October 23, 2013 in Tashkent.
What is the cost of higher education now?
28 august 2013, 15:21 1033 views
The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan announced the cost of education per year for a  student in universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Bachelor's and Master' directions for 2013/2014 academic year.  
Import of appliances to the country is cheaper now
19 august 2013, 12:03 1025 views
On average, rate of import of appliances in Uzbekistan has been decreased to 15% due to introducing the combined import duties.
33 housing estates will appear in Bukhara this year
16 august 2013, 22:04 2497 views
Bukhara region has carried out housing construction work in rural areas.
“Alokabank” will issue bonds for 3 billion sums
01 august 2013, 07:25 24 views
According to the news agency Uzreport, issue volume will reach 3 billion soums (30 thousand units with the par value of 100 000 soums).
22 constructions of metropolitan municipal property will be sold at auction
01 august 2013, 07:23 1049 views
The sale, at public auction, of 22 buildings of municipal property, has been approved.