Chamber of Accounts Revealed How Much, Where and How Budgetary Funds Were Stolen
20 november 2013, 16:37 1147 views



As UzA reported, scheduled inspections covered more than 170 projects financed by the republican and local budgets.

During the inspections conducted in 14 colleges of Olympic Reserve an evidence of overcharging for purchased consumer goods, unjustified salary and other financial crimes was found. According to ascertained violations, the damage to the state budget is estimated at 2.2 billion soums. To date its full compensation is provided.

As a result of control and analytical work, carried out on the implementation of local budgets of Namangan and Surkhandarya regions, additional taxes and other obligatory payments in the amount of 0.9 billion soums were charged.

During the inspection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources cases of overpricing the construction work, as well as driving up prices for materials and electricity consumed were identified.

Thus, because of unjustified increasing the price of one square meter of a metal fence by 28.4 thousand sums, starting cost of the project "Reconstruction of the Margilonsoy canal in Fergana city" was overstated by 527.5 million soums. Also as a result of overcharging for the metal in the reconstruction of Ankhor canal in Tashkent the contractor OJSC "Parkentsuvkurilish" received 77.2 million soums excessively.

To date 1.8 billion soums have been compensated from the side of violators.

For all the revealed facts of illegal use and appropriation of the budget materials inspections have been referred to the relevant law enforcement authorities to take action in accordance with the law.