514 Million Soums was Misappropriated at the Construction of Social Buildings for 9 Months
20 november 2013, 16:13 1116 views

altAs UzA reported about it with citing data from the Accounting Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The amount of misappropriated funds is: • the construction of social objects 514 million soums, • infrastructure - 669.0 million soums, • and construction - 3.3 billion soums. Thus, in the construction of professional college services for 360 students with the dormitory for 150 seats in Uzun district of Surkhandarya region the amount of work was overstated by 67.7 million soums by the contracting company LLC "Makhsus qurilish tamin butlash". Also as a result of overcharging for construction materials, the cost of one hour of work mechanisms and builders in the construction of water intake facility "Obod" in Kasansay district of Namangan region contractor UE "Yuggazspetsmontaj" received 244.4 million soums excessively. Under the construction of residential houses in the countryside in Pop, Chust and Chartak districts of Namangan region the facts of additions to volume of the job for 155.6 million soums and of poor quality of work performed for 14.6 million soums were revealed.