In Tashkent region was held a competition of the best grapes
11 september 2014, 11:42 1781 views
More than 50 farmers from different regions of the country participated in the competition on the best varieties of grapes "Uzum Musoboqasi-2014".
Tashkent hosts exhibition of historical documents and ancient coins of the Sultanate of Oman
10 september 2014, 12:29 1059 views
The State Museum of History of Timurids opened a cultural-historical exhibition "Far and near Oman" on 9 September.
German theatre festival will be held in Tashkent
09 september 2014, 18:09 1121 views
On 13 and 14 September 2014 Tashkent Youth theatre of Uzbekistan helds a traditional German-speaking theatre festival of amateur groups.
German specialist conducts trainings on organizing exhibitions
08 september 2014, 16:37 961 views
Head of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan Akmal Nuridinov held a meeting with the director of the Goethe Institute in Tashkent Julia Hanscom and German specialist exposures Barbara Heinrich.
Session of the World Tourism Organization to be held in Samarkand
05 september 2014, 10:45 2188 views
The 99th session of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will be held in Samarkand on October 1-3.
National library exhibites a rare collection of books dedicated to Navoi
03 september 2014, 16:44 1630 views
In the Museum of the National library of Uzbekistan from 2 to 22 September 2014 will be an exhibition of rare historical books dedicated to the life and work of Alisher Navoi
In Tashkent will host the exhibition "Arirang-The Soul of Korea"
02 september 2014, 22:50 1209 views
From 3 September to November 2 this year in the State museumstore Uzbekistan will host the international exhibition "Arirang-The Soul of Korea".
In Karakalpakstan the competition of cooks passed
29 august 2014, 14:31 1236 views
On August 23, 2014 the Championship of the chefs passed in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Nukus.
Seoul Park opens in Tashkent
29 august 2014, 12:30 2461 views
Seoul Mayor Park Won-Sung thanked the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan for their full cooperation to them in the construction of the park.
The collector from Uzbekistan will present the rare exhibits of the past centuries
27 august 2014, 16:36 980 views
On August 28, Thursday, at 17:00 hours in the International caravanserai of culture Ikyo Hirayama Academy of arts of Uzbekistan will be held the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Masterpieces of minting Uzbekistan" of the unique Assembly of the collector
Tashkent hosts the qualifying round of the festival "SPORT MOVIES & TV"
27 august 2014, 11:13 1614 views
Republican Federation "Sport in film and television of Uzbekistan” according to the schedule of festivals "SPORT MOVIES & TV" in 14 countries on September 14-16, 2014 will held the Ninth international qualifying festival "Sport in movies and on TV" in Tashkent.
A copy of the fountain outside the Roman Colosseum built in Urgut
26 august 2014, 13:22 3219 views
On  August 25, Urgut opened Central Park of Culture and Rest in Urgut district Samarkand region.
"Emmy" ceremony holds in Los Angeles
26 august 2014, 10:35 1688 views
On August 25 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles the 66th ceremony of the prestigious television award "Emmy" was hosted.
Exhibition of “Uzbek national skullcaps” holds in Tashkent
25 august 2014, 17:20 2225 views
On September 2 at the State Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan will be held the opening ceremony of the exhibition "O’zbek milliy duppilari" - "Uzbek national skullcaps".
Сasting of votes for the dubbing children’s fiction television series announced
25 august 2014, 14:11 898 views
Sound and voice in a movie sometimes means more than the frame, so on August 30, 2014, the film company Kinoprom will hold the casting vote on dubbing children's television series "Strength in unity".
Premiere of the First Uzbek Musical “Maysara” preparing in Tashkent
25 august 2014, 10:27 1203 views
Like many other theatre groups in the country, Tashkent State theatre of musical Comedy (operetta) with creative gifts celebrating the day of Independence
New library is opened in Tashkent
22 august 2014, 17:05 1154 views
At the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan a new library and bookstore "Izhod" were opened.
Uzbek National Theatre celebrates its centenary
22 august 2014, 11:28 1210 views
Uzbek National Academic Drama Theatre is preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary.
Uzbek composer Aziz Sadykova receives the prestigious award in Berlin
19 august 2014, 14:21 1098 views
The International Youth Festival of Classical Music “Young Euro Classic” was held in Berlin Admiralspalast Palace.
Tashkent to host exhibition of aviation technology
15 august 2014, 16:20 966 views
Tashkent Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov (TAPOiCH) arranges the open door on Saturday August 16.