The winners of the national award "Etirof - 2014" became known
29 december 2014, 11:13 2025 views
On December 26, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the national award "Etirof - 2014" took place at the Palace of Arts «Istiqlol». The winners were:
Uzbek writer-folklorist won the first place at the international competition
26 december 2014, 16:40 1214 views
The winners of the international competition of scenarios based on myths, fairy tales and epics of the peoples of Asia awarded in Tashkent.
New rules set for tourists in Uzbekistan
26 december 2014, 13:35 2291 views
"Uzbektourism" announced the creation of an automated electronic system, the implementation of which will result in a change in the order of entry and exit of tourists the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Euronews shows the program about the ancient city Khiva
25 december 2014, 10:42 2605 views
Leading world channel Euronews TV starts broadcasting the next transfer cycle of Uzbekistan Life, dedicated to the ancient city Khiva.  
International Biennale of children's drawings opens in Tashkent
22 december 2014, 14:34 1952 views
On December 22 more than 3,500 children's drawings from 27 countries will feature at the Palace of Youth Creativity.
TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan will launch a new channel in the new year
20 december 2014, 09:20 1514 views
From 1 January 2015 Uzbek television will broadcast a new educational TV channel "Mahalla".
Uzbek film shown in Washington
19 december 2014, 17:41 2006 views
The School of International Relations named after L. Elliott of George Washington University held the evening of Uzbek cinema.
"Uzbekkino" launches a documentary about the poetess Zulfiya
19 december 2014, 09:23 2211 views
The documentary film "Bezavol tung" ("The Immortal World") is dedicated to the life and work of the Uzbek poet Zulfiya and timed to coincide with her 100th anniversary.
TV Festival "Sanat Maktab" first held in Uzbekistan
17 december 2014, 12:40 2105 views
During TV Festival 14 young artists, 12 bands and ensembles of young musicians presented their programs.
Speleologists in conjunction with National Geographic channel made a documentary about the Uzbekistan caves
11 december 2014, 17:45 1957 views
Ural speleologists in collaboration with the National Geographic Channel filmed a movie about mountain caves array Hodja-Gur-Gur-ata in Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan presented a documentary film "Clean energy"
09 december 2014, 17:41 1172 views
The premiere of the documentary film "Clean Energy" was held at the Institute of Materials Research and Production Association "Physics - sun" of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Uzbektourism makes a Calendar of tourist events for 2015
09 december 2014, 16:38 1116 views
National Company (NC) "Uzbektourism" is considering the issue of creating a "Calendar of tourist events for 2015".
Large-scale fashion festival will host in Tashkent
09 december 2014, 10:49 2705 views
From 11 to 13 December a traditional fashion festival "national dress" will be held in the capital.
Korean rapper PSY "broke" YouTube counter
05 december 2014, 10:22 1132 views
Psy’s clip Gangnam Style scored on the popular video sharing YouTube maximum number of views, provided by the program code.
The Institute of Confucius opened in Samarkand
03 december 2014, 13:39 1404 views
Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages hosted the opening ceremony of the Institute of Confucius.
Tashkent theatre wins Grand Prix of Inclusive Dance Festival
02 december 2014, 13:32 1300 views
Integrated Motion Theatre LIK (Uzbekistan) won a Grand Prix of the second International charity dance festival Inclusive Dance.
The representative of Uzbekistan won the competition «Competizione dell'Opera»
28 november 2014, 14:25 1532 views
The Palace of Arts "Turkistan" in Tashkent hosted a ceremony awarding the winners of the XIV International Competition of Italian opera «Competizione dell'Opera».
Composer of Uzbekistan given the Vietnam medal
27 november 2014, 11:29 1870 views
The 1st Asia-Europe New Music Festival 2014 was attended by about 200 musicians and composers from more than 30 countries.
Uzbek singer took 7th place in the "Turkvision 2014"
25 november 2014, 13:40 2355 views
In  the final of " Turkvision 2014" a representative of Uzbekistan Aziza Nizamova made with the composition "Dunyo bolsin omon" («Let there be peace").
Euronews has prepared a report about Bukhara
21 november 2014, 12:35 1341 views
TV channel «Euronews» continues to demonstrate a series of programs «Uzbekistan life».