Writers of Uzbekistan took part in the festival «Open Central Asia - 2014"
07 january 2015, 10:43 1196 views


The purpose of the event is to unite artists from Uzbekistan, all participants of the Literary Festival to share their works and experiences.

More than 450 authors from 20 countries attended the event: Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia, UK, Romania, USA, Belarus, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Armenia, France, Japan, Ukraine, Georgia, the Republic of Cyprus, Israel.

About 30 works from Uzbekistan were sent to participate in the contest.

British publishing house «Hertfordshire Press» holds a festival "Open Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival» every year in different countries.

This unique event is aimed at promoting the literature on the territory of Central Asia and the promotion of local authors abroad. It is intended to unite writers from all over the world and to provide information support to national prose and poetry.