Uzbekistan presented a documentary film "Clean energy"
09 december 2014, 17:41 1247 views


The film tells about the history and future of solar energy in Uzbekistan.

The history of solar energy begins with the 70-ies of XX century, when the journal "Solar technology" began to be published, and it was decided to build a solar oven for testing of materials, which could withstand temperatures over 2000 degrees Celsius.

Important steps in this direction can be regarded as carrying of the 6th meeting of the Asian Forum "Solar Energy" on 20-23 November 2013 in Tashkent, the decisions taken by the Government of Uzbekistan on the organization of the International Institute of solar energy and the construction of a solar power plant in the Samarkand region with 100 MW.

As reports, a screenwriter of the documentary film about these and other aspects of the use of environmentally friendly solar energy is Dinara Asimov, a director - Mahmoud Tuichiev and an operator - Kahramon Hasanov.