Uzbekistan celebrates 679 years since the birth of Amir Temur
09 april 2015, 12:00 3353 views


Amir Timur, also known as Tamerlane was a great military leader and statesman, who freed Maveraunnahr from the Mongol yoke and created a powerful state.

In Uzbekistan, the year 1996 was declared as the Year of Amir Temur. In Tashkent, Samarkand, Shakhrisabz monuments were erected in honour of Sakhibkiran. The Square, Capital Avenue, Subway station, as well as institutions of culture and enlightenment in different regions of the country were named after Amir Temur.

In early March the TV channel "Russia 1" showed the documentary "Tamerlane. The architect of the steppes." The authors describe the film's hero of his story as a military genius, who conquered the area three times greater than the empire of Alexander the Great.