Uzbek writer-folklorist won the first place at the international competition
26 december 2014, 16:40 1322 views


This year the competition was announced in June to participate in it. The authors from Central Asia, South Korea and Russia presented about 200 works of various genres for animated films, television shows, musicals, and plays, feature films based on the themes of ancient poems, legends, tales and parables.

The first place in the competition won the young Uzbek writer Gulnoz Tojiboyeva with the script for the animated film "Jeyhun and flames." This works glorifies such high qualities as honesty, responsibility, kindness and compassion, extends the idea of protection and respect for nature and its precious resources.

National news reports that scientists folklorists of our country efficiently search in order to study the art of story-tellers, ancient legends, fairy tales and parables, publication.
The winner of the contest were awarded with a diploma and prizes.