Uzbek theater El Merosi had a successful tour in Russia
12 january 2015, 11:34 1952 views


This is the second in the past year creative journey of Masters of Arts from Uzbekistan to the Russian Federation.

The uniqueness of the theater "El Merosi" lies in its rich collection of costumes from different eras and nations.

On the invitation of the State University named after A. S. Pushkin the theatre also gave two performances in St. Petersburg, where it wowed the audience with the uniqueness and diversity of national costumes of different historical periods, according to news agency "Jahon".

Spectators noted the skills of Samarkand university students and college students who form the basis of the troupe.

Particular impression on the audience made costumes "Murals Afrasiab» (VII century AD.) of the Era of Timurids (XIV-XV cc.), as well as scenic view of a colorful Samarkand wedding.

Preparing for the trip, the theater significantly upgrade the program, prepared new costumes and unique performances - dances "Tanovar" and "Mavrigi".