Uzbek film shown in Washington
19 december 2014, 17:41 2080 views


There was a demonstration of the feature film "Past Days", filmed in 1969 based on the eponymous novel by A. Kadyri.

At the meeting it was noted that the evening was held to public awareness about US historical heritage, cultural and spiritual values of the Uzbek people.

The evening guests were able to get acquainted with the work of the writer, his contribution to the development of Uzbek literature, IA "Jahon" reports. Until the participants were told that the book is fully incorporated all aspects of life and living conditions of the people of Uzbekistan and can be used for any novice expert kind of "introduction" to the understanding of the way of thinking of the nation.

By the end of movie event participants noted the high level of Uzbek culture, which promotes the formation of a positive image of Uzbekistan abroad. However, many of them shared their vivid impressions from traveling to our country and the hospitality of the Uzbek people.

In conclusion, the US side has expressed interest in hosting next year in Washington "Week of Uzbek cinema" with an invitation to the event known representatives of cinema in our country.

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Suinrrsipg to think of something like that