The winners of the national award "Etirof - 2014" became known
29 december 2014, 11:13 2084 views


"The best film of the year" - "Geologist";

"The best actor of the year" - Mirza Azizov;

"The best actress of the year" - Asal Shodiyeva;

"The best performance of the year" - Drama "Oydin";

"The best theater actress of the year" - Lola Eltaeva;

"The best stage actor of the year" - Umirbay Kosimbetov;

" The best Artist of the Year" - Valery Enin;

" The best Craftsman of the Year" - Odilbek Matchanov;

"The best sculptor of the Year" - Zholdasbekov Kuttymuratov;

"The best performer of traditional songs of the year" - Iles Arabov;

"The best singer of the year" - Ulugbek Rakhmatullaev;

"The best pop singer of the year" - Munisa Rizaeva;

"The most active group, Ensemble, Orchestra of the Year" - "Shark";

" The best Composer of the Year" - Musahon Nurmatov;

"The best choreographer of the year" - Rushana Sultonova;

" The best Dancer of the Year" - Shodiera Omonova;

" The best TV and Radio of the Year" - Dildora Mardiyeva (TV channel "Tashkent");

" The best TV and radio of the Year" - Shunkor Choriev (TV channel "O'zbekiston");

"The best TV show of the year" - The "Imkon show" (TV channel "Yoshlar");

"The best radio project of the year" - "Summary of the day" ("Kun tafsiloti");

" The best Sportsman of the Year" - Begzod Abdurahmonov;

"Princess of sport" - Jamila Rakhmatova;

" The best Coach of the Year" - Alexander Kim.